Company Profile

Mir Enterprises was established in 2006 as a cutting-edge service provider in the micro, nano and thin film device technologies. The company has since expanded its operations to the UK and the Netherlands and provides consultancy, design, simulation and fabrication of micro and nano systems in a variety of discipline.

With access to state of the art tools we provide service to institutes and SMEs that are world renowned for being at the forefront of their research. Our list of clients include, Hitachi UK, QinetiQ, MERCK Chemicals, Beijing High Technology, Cambridge University, University of Southampton, Imperial College of London, Warwick University, e2v and many more. We also provide high yield processing/low volume production for SMEs and spin-off companies.

With our extensive knowledge of the tool sets available we can provide technology integration effectively and fast.


SNC Southampton Nano fabrication Centre

Mir Enterprises works in conjunction with the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre.

MiPlaza, Philips Innovation Services

Mir Enterprises is supported by MiPlaza, Philips Innovation Services.