Below is a list of some of the services we offer. For our complete range please give us a call and one of our process integration engineers will be glad to help you.

- Contact printing, single and double sided. min resolution of 2um
- Stepper Lithography, min resolution 480nm
- Direct write (E-Beam), min resolution down to 20nm
- Robotic wafer handling for optimum yield
- Spray coating technology for high topology surfaces

He-ion FIB sub nano imaging and milling
- Carl Zeiss NanoVision N40 below 0.9nm resolution

Nano Imprinting Technology
- Nano stamping and patterning down to 50nm resolution

Dry etching
- DRIE, Advanced Silicon Etch using Bosch process
- Ion Beam Milling

- upto 750keV with an extensive range of targets

Growth, diffusion and wet processing
- Extensive range of furnaces from standard anneal to high quality gate oxides
- Full wet processing line

- Sputtering and Electron beam evaporation with various targets
- PECVD Silicon nitride, silicon oxide and TEOS
- Low Pressure CVD silicon nitride and poly/amorphous silicon reactors

Metrology and Characterisation
-FESEM down to 1nm resolution
-SEM with X-ray fluorescence analysis
-SEM with high resolution 2D and 3D X-ray imaging of internal structures of samples
-SEM with fluorescence imaging spectrometer for sub-100nm spatial resolution imaging
-AFM and high resolution cryogenic Scanning Probe Microscope (SPM) with TERS
-Ellipsometer, profilometer, thin film, stress measurement tools
-Microscope for wide field and confocal imaging with 405nm laser for writing
-BioMEMS microscope with up to 150x objectives
-Spectral analysis microscope with fibre coupling unit connecting to a photospectrometer

Measurement tools
- Stress, dektak and four point probe measurement tools

3D modelling and Rapid Prototyping
-Design, modelling of 3D structures and prototyping using resin down to 0.1mm resolutions

Dicing and bonding
- Wafer sawing/dicing, gold wire bonding and packaging

- Electrophoretic coating for extreme MEMS technology