Apr 23

Mir Enterprises will be attending SEMICON Europa 2023

The event brings together companies that are at the forefront of the Micro and Nanotechnology. Mir Enterprises will be attending...
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Jul 21

Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) with High Aspect Ratios

Using highly developed recipes, Mir Enterprises offers deep silicon etching of high aspect ratio features (1:30+), whilst retaining good sidewall...
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Oct 20

MEMS Wafer Level Packaging (WLP)

Wafer Level Packaging of MEMS sensors enables high yield, high volume and facilitates device functionality where specific pressure or gases...
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Sep 20

Mir Enterprises will be attending the IEEE MEMS 2021 Online

Mir Enterprises will be attending the 34th IEEE Internation Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (25-29 January 2021). The event...
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Jun 20

Mir Enterprises operations continue as normal throughout the COVID pandemic.

We will continue to service our clients uninterrupted throughout the COVID pandemic period. We expect our lead-times to remain as...
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Dec 19

Next generation of MEMS angular rate sensors

Mir Enterprises has developed and manufactured its next generation of MEMS wafer-level-packaged gyroscopes on a triple-stack-configuration platform. These sensors can...
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Oct 17

Volume and production grade lithography and etching capability, down to 0.5um MFS and better than 100nm overlay

Making use of production grade and volume compatible tools such as the ASML 5500B i-line stepper lithography (with double sided...
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Jul 17

Mir Enterprises will be attending SEMICON Europa 2017, MUNICH — 17 October 2017

SEMICON Europa will co-locate with productronica for the first time, for a focus on innovation and the future of the...
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May 16

Mir Enterprises manufactures third in series of high performance MEMS accelerometers

05.04.2016 These high performance inertial sensors will serve a variety of industries. At the core of the sensor lies an...
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Sep 15


28.09.2015 Mir Enterprises will be attending SEMICON Europa 2015. The event is the largest semiconductor event in Europe: nearly 5,000...
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