Mir Enterprises is UK’s leading nano and micro technology company. With our extensive knowledge and access to state-of-the-art tool sets we provide cutting edge services to global corporations, universities and SMEs that are world renowned for being at the forefront of their technologies.

Whatever your requirements are, be it single stage processing or full scale mirco and nano systems, either for world class research or low volume production, we can provide you with cost effective solutions that will deliver functional and high yield devices on time.

In addition to specific areas of expertise, we have a broad knowledge of semiconductor processing and thin-film device technologies. With access to know-how from 140+ researchers and scientists we provide best in class technology integration and fabrication.

Supported by Philips Innovation Services and working in conjunction with the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre, Mir Enterprises benefits from the largest multi-purpose cleanroom in Europe, allowing support for every discipline of nano and micro technology.

We understand our customer’s needs and our technology solutions are tailored for low cost and accelerated route-to-market processing, without compromising the quality of your work.

If you are eager to realise your next technological innovation but don’t know a great deal about micro and nano processing or have the processing know how but can’t find the time or facility that meets your needs, we welcome you to take advantage of our fast and efficient technology integration services and highly developed fabrication capabilities.

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Design and Modelling


Technology Integration

Mid-Low Volume fabrication

ISO Accredited Fabrication


Measurements and Testing

Back-end Processes


Core expertise

MEMS Inertial Sensor

Design and fabrication of advanced MEMS accelerometers and gyroscopes, with performance amongst best in class

Microfluidic Devices

Incorporating multi-depth and high aspect ratio features with metal, glass or Silicon wafer bonding and encapsulation

Quantum Devices

High resolution ebeam lithography in combination with sub-micron stepper lithography and high quality gate oxides

Chemical Sensors

Customised multi-stack thin-film devices with tuneable mechanical and chemical properties for a variety of sensors.

From concept to market

At Mir Enterprises we undertake your work with the idea of cost and scaling in mind. Our technology integration engineers will explore every opportunity to ensure that the fabrication of your prototypes are carried out using the most standard processes available. With this in mind, not only we minimise risks related to your fabrication needs, but also develop processes that are scalable and enables you to attain a route to market in the shortest possible period and at the lowest possible cost. When it comes to time-to-market and maintaining a competitive edge you can be assured that we are on your wavelength.